(04/01) 2022

Tori Anderson Fan is Closing

So, I’ll just open with the obvious: The site is closing.

I’m sure if you’ve been a regular visitor of the site you have noticed the lack of new updates. There’s a reason for that. Much of 2020-2021 brought changes to my personal life that have greatly limited my time online. This was unrelated to the pandemic that affected the world, but that certainly didn’t help my mental health either. Therefore because of these changes it has left very little time to dedicate to maintaining or updating the site. Another factor being a decline in my own motivation and desire to run a fansite at all. Truth be told, when I created this site in 2016 I honestly didn’t expect it to make it this far.

I adore Tori. She is such a lovely beautiful person inside and out. Super talented. I am so, so happy for her success these days. I can only hope she continues receiving the praise and notice she has worked so hard for. I am sad to not be continuing the support for her through my site but that’s how it goes. I can’t manufacture the fun this hobby once brought me or the time needed to keep it going.

I do want to say I appreciate those of you who have visited since the beginning. I want to say hello to all the new visitors just learning who Tori is (hello!) and I want to say thank you for any support you might have given me.

The site itself will remain online until the domain expires in October 2022. Until then consider this site merely an archive.

It’s been fun. xo

Side note:
If you have fansite experience and would be interested in adopting the site feel free to contact me.


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